[maemo-community] maemo.org redesign

From: Jussi.H Makinen jussi.h.makinen at nokia.com
Date: Wed Oct 1 00:15:12 EEST 2008
> One thing I'm a little unsure of (and, to be frank, a little concerned
> about) is where maemo.org fits into Nokia's plans for maemo.nokia.com
> and Forum Nokia. In particular in Quim's mock-up he has "Users ->
> maemo.nokia.com; Developers -> Forum Nokia" - that left me with a sneaky
> feeling that the general idea is that users go to one Nokia site,
> developers go to another Nokia site, and maemo.org is for "the
> Community". But of course, users and developers are the community, and
> if maemo.org is only a place where enthusiasts cater to other
> enthusiasts, but not to users or developers, it won't create much
> community buzz.

maemo.nokia.com is a marketing site, but unlike other Nokia
device-centric marketing sites (nokia.com / nseries.com) we aim to
concentrate on the experience and use cases that maemo delivers.
However, important part of the maemo experience is the community at
maemo.org where the really interesting stuff happens and the
technology is made "very human" in the Nokia language. So yes, my aim
is to get potential customers first to users by seeing the cool things
that maemo device can do (this happens at maemo.nokia.com) and then to
introduce them to the community, and then finally into being active
community members. This is the ideal "career path" :) So, it's not
about dividing the community, but maybe about getting people into the
community from the right angle.

> I have an idea that maemo.org continues to cater to users and
> developers, but that maemo.nokia.com somehow picks the cream of the crop
> to show-case the community's work - rather than maemo.nokia.com somehow
> making a big part of maemo.org redundant.

This is very important, I feel exactly the same way. maemo.nokia.com
and maemo.org are the flip sides of the same coin.  Both benefit the
other. By trying to make one or the other redundant would be a very
bad idea. For me, it is very important that maemo.org is "free" of
corporate Nokia thing and driven and controlled by the community
because then the community can freely express if something sucks about
the way we do our stuff...like marketing for example. This way we can
then truly learn from you and showcase the best of the maemo community
in a way that should make people to be proud of their achievements.

Anyway, as this seems to create good discussion maybe there needs to
be page on maemo.org wiki where we define the mission for maemo.org
and maemo.nokia.com, how they relate and how they benefit each other.
At least I would be really happy to hear more good ideas about how
should it be done right.

Maemo consumer marketing @ Nokia

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