[maemo-community] maemo.org redesign

From: Graham Cobb g+770 at cobb.uk.net
Date: Wed Oct 1 19:17:28 EEST 2008
On Wednesday 01 October 2008 12:31:58 Quim Gil wrote:
> I wonder how useful is to prioritize users that don't know what is Maemo
> or why they ended up in our website. The comparison with SuSE doesn't
> really apply since I can be a SuSE user with my same laptop 1h after
> visiting that page. Not the same case for someone knowing about Maemo
> for the first time because of the simple fact that you need specific
> devices.
> And if you already have one of these devices probably you have an idea
> of what is Maemo and what maemo.org might have for you.

I strongly disagree.  I think www.maemo.org should have two main goals:

1) Explain what on earth this Maemo thing is which they have heard someone 
mention.  Include enough about what we are about to encourage the newbie to 
follow a link to a more detailed introduction and an explanation of what they 
can find here.  This initial paragraph should be written by a marketing 
person because the goal is to get the newbie to click on the link to the more 
detailed introduction.

2) Include enough top level links that an experienced user who does not 
bookmark stuff much, or is away from their bookmarks, can quickly go to the 
section they are looking for.

I do NOT think www.maemo.org should be some sort of "homepage" for community 
members (with news, etc.) -- that could be www.maemo.org/home -- anyone who 
is a community member can bookmark the community homepage if they wish (and, 
of course, it should just be one click away from the top level page).

> You and me know the problem very well: is http://www.gnome.org/ homepage
> showing how exciting is to be part of the GNOME community?

I take the point that we need to include enough exciting stuff on the top page 
to get people interested about joining the community (maybe that includes 
News, maybe it doesn't, opinions?).  But the focus must be on capturing the 
first time user, who has no idea what Maemo is, not on providing a useful 
homepage for the already hooked community member.

> But I insist on one thing: "a new user coming into the site who doesn't
> know what is are looking for" shouldn't be our primary focus.

I disagree, as far as the particular page www.maemo.org/ is concerned.


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