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From: Tim tim at samoff.com
Date: Wed Oct 1 21:05:48 EEST 2008

	Here is an idea from me... 

	The first is the "home" page:  


	As you'll see, I've taken much of Andrew Flegg's idea (and a few
others) and designed it more around the "community" aspect (likewise,
I designed it so that most of the "important" info can be seen on the
tablet's screen without scrolling. The text needs a little more
thought (especially the intro -- which was taken from the current
maemo.org site), but it's close. Many of the "links" are redundant,
but I think that's important -- we need to do what we can to guide new
users into community participation. (Note that the upper header should
butt-up against the top of the browser window, rather than float a few
pixels under it like most browsers insist on displaying images.) 

	The second is the right sidebar from the above example (admittedly,
taken from my Community Improvement idea on the wiki):  


	It shows what could be done in that space with a variety of

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 Subject: Re: maemo.org redesign
 From:  Dave Neary 
 To: "List for community development" 
 Date: 10/01/2008 10:38 am
 Hi again,
 Quim Gil wrote:
 > I wonder how useful is to prioritize users that don't know what is
 > or why they ended up in our website.
 Let me just reiterate the various use-cases which I think we need to
 address in maemo.org:
 * A tablet user is looking for software to install on his tablet
 * A developer is interested in developing or porting an application
to Maemo
 * An enthusiast is looking for ways he can participate, give
 complain and contribute to the direction of the project
 * An existing community member, the press or an interested
 wants to find out what's new & what's been happening in the
 * An existing developer is looking for some reference documentation
 * A tablet user has a problem he wants help fixing
 * Community members want to communicate with the rest of the
 Of these, all will know what the tablet is, but roughly speaking you
 break them into 2 groups: those who are already part of the Maemo
 community and those who aren't (in Berlin, you referred to this as
 "people who know where they're going and people who don't").
 Not community members:
 * Downloading software
 * Looking for news & info (press, by-stander)
 * Wants to give feedback and contribute
 * Looking for help getting started with development
 * Has a problem that he wants help with
 Community members:
 * Looking for news (community member)
 * Looking for reference documentation
 * Wants to communicate
 Each one of those non-community-members (with the possible exception
 the ones downloading software and those looking for info on what is
 Maemo and what's new) have a high potential of becoming community
 members. Someone who gets help on a forum or in Bugzilla might stick
 around to help others. A developer looking for docs on getting
 or a contributor looking to complain about his pet feature is
 ready to engage the community.  And I believe we need to cater to
 more than the existing community member.
 I hope this clear things up - I hope you'll see that you're being
 in suggesting that I think we should prioritise "people who don't
 what Maemo is" - I think we should focus on people who know what
 is, but don't know where they're going.
 > You and me know the problem very well: is http://www.gnome.org/
 > showing how exciting is to be part of the GNOME community?
 I agree that the GNOME site has many problems. Most of them come
 the fact that on the front page, no-one has analysed the type of
 who might arrive there, and the types of questions they might have
 would need answering.
 > You tell me my proposal is overloaded, I tell you your proposal is
 > oversimplistic... They are different approaches and we need to
agree on
 > the approach we want, or go for a tender based on both models.  :/
 > But I insist on one thing: "a new user coming into the site who
 > know what is are looking for" shouldn't be our primary focus.
 Let me put it differently - I think that the site needs to focus
more on
 potential community members than existing community members.
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