[maemo-community] Reforming Karm (was: Re: About ITt collaboration tasks)

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Thu Oct 2 14:22:53 EEST 2008
Hi Reggie,

Reggie Suplido wrote:
> ITT karma counting:
> The itT feed for this is in place and is awaiting implementation at
> maemo.org <http://maemo.org>. The weight for itT thanks and posts still
> needs to be determined over at: https://wiki.maemo.org/Karma

Just to point out that this is the way things are now counted. I suggest
that we modify how we count, to give less weight to things which, IMHO,
have less value to the community.

My proposal to reform karma would work out a new karma calculation which
would make the following all be worth about the same thing:

 * Being a maintainer of a popular project
 * Being a member of 2 to 3 groups
 * Writing about 5 popular blog entries
 * Closing about 10 bugs
 * Opening about 10 bugs
 * Writing about 25 emails to mailing lists
 * Making about 50 wiki edits
 * Making about 50 comments in Bugzilla
 * Making about 50 comments on maemo.org
 * Favouriting/burying about 50 things

I'm not sure where in the scheme of things itT would fit, perhaps you
can make a suggestion. Also, if someone has a suggestion of a metric for
IRC, I'm all ears (but remain sceptical of its usefulness as a metric of

I have a feeling that things that are more talking than doing should be
measured on a square root scale - if you write 25 emails to a mailing
list, and that gets you 5 karma, then 80 mails should get you 9 karma
(we don't want to encourage people to be only writing email IMHO).

Some other modifications I would bring in are max and min points for
things like blog entries scores and products - I think for blogs the min
should be about 2 karma, the max about 10.

For products, I would stop counting after 4 releases, which I think is a
nice balance between rewarding product maintainers, historical
participation and supporting older distributions on the one side, and
overpowering karma by over-weighting products in the case where they are
maintained for every single Maemo release.

Once we have a set of metrics we agree on, we need to implement midgard
plug-ins that will do the counting, and ensure they're working &
updating regularly. The great thing about these metrics is that they can
be tuned on the fly, one by one, and doesn't need to be one big bang
change. We can even start making some obvious changes straight away
(like capping blog posts above & below).


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