[maemo-community] Reforming Karm (was: Re: About ITt collaboration tasks)

From: Jamie Bennett jamie at linuxuk.org
Date: Thu Oct 2 17:12:39 EEST 2008
On Thu, 2008-10-02 at 13:22 +0100, Andrew Flegg wrote:
> Doesn't this move to weighting the karma *solely* towards
> development(-process) tasks? Writing emails or blog posts can
> encourage change in the community, bring disparate activities together
> or coalesce a number of thoughts into a concrete plan.

Agreed entirely. Many a time an inspirational blog post has encouraged
me to get of my backside and contribute to the project being blogged

> Would it be better to do something like some of us discussed at the
> summit: karma elements have a half-life; if you released 3 version of
> a product for the 770, that *is* less valuable to the community today.
> This kind of arbitrary limit on the amount of karma you can earn seems
> like the wrong approach to me.

Lauchpad (http://www.launchpad.net) has something very similar which
works quite well. An explanation of launchpads karma system can be found
here - https://help.launchpad.net/YourAccount/Karma

> Andrew

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