[maemo-community] maemo.org redesign

From: Tim tim at samoff.com
Date: Fri Oct 3 16:18:54 EEST 2008

	Dave (and all), 

	Notes for my next design (or whomever else comes up with something):

     	*I think the home page needs to be simple, pretty, and easy to
navigate. One click to any other destination is (very) good practice
(i.e., we don't need all of the information to appear on the main
page). Most (Web 2.0) sites try to do this in under three clicks.    
	*I really think we need to stick to one design for all users, so
coming up with a hybrid between some of these ideas (imho) is
preferable.     	*I like the big (finger-clickable) buttons on the top
too -- which is why I designed it that way... Something that fits in
the main browser window that people can just "click and go." Having to
scroll to the right to click these buttons (again, imho) is
unnecessary.     	*I like the idea of dropping the two "static" blocks
from the left side (per Dave's suggestion) in lieu of adding something
more dynamic (per Quim's request).     	*There definitely needs to be
more emphasis on "featured downloads." Good point.     	*It'd also be
easy to integrate a "Download New Software" button somewhere.    
	*I'll think about how to integrate the "Get more applications here"
idea -- to me, it should just be a link under "Download New Software,
but...does it need to be more prominent than that?     	*I like the
tabbed box approach (what I placed on the right side of the page), but
I'm getting the impression that not everyone else does. We should drop
it.     	*I didn't even try to work in a link/banner/whatever that
points to maemo.nokia.org -- I think we've all agreed that this needs
to be present.     	*Nor did I place any RSS buttons anywhere -- this
needs to be done. 
	Anything else need to be added? 

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 Subject: Re: maemo.org redesign
 From:  Dave Neary 
 To: "Tim" ,"List for community development" 
 Date: 10/03/2008 2:54 am
 Hi Tim,
 I like it! Some comments all the same...
 Tim wrote:
 > Here is an idea from me...
 > The first is the "home" page:
 I think having the big buttons at the top is the right thing to do.
 However, I see the left hand side of the page as mostly dead space -
 prefer to have one "About maemo.org" block, lower on the page, and
 "this website is yours!" and "Explore" blocks, in favour of having
 different types of dynamic content on the page.
 The reason I like this design is because it is a nice compromise
 Quim's approach and mine, I think - with big bright buttons bringing
 people where they want to go quickly, but with new content all the
 I'd change the page, then, to have a "Featured downloads" block with
 some variable content (say top 3 starred applications or top 3 by
 downloads, or the pearl, the top download, the best rated) on the
 above an "About Maemo" block, and News/People/New Downloads on the
 right, with News being the default tab.
 I'm also a bit disappointed to see the "Download new software"
 disappear - I think that's the #1 reason people will come to the
 and the "Add-ons" link at the top doesn't really do enough for me.
 If we do go with a downloads block in the main page, I think there
 to be a really prominent "Get more applications here" link with a
 coloured button on there.
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