[maemo-community] maemo.org redesign

From: Tim tim at samoff.com
Date: Tue Oct 7 16:24:56 EEST 2008

	Thanks, Quim! And, I'm happy to say that the new design I started
working on last night will fit into this very nicely. 

	One question: Does the Search functionality need to be tied to a
pull-down menu or was that just an idea? 

	One comment: It's good that the entire page fits 800px wide. I would
also propose that the main content (everything to the left of the
right sidebar) fit into a 700px wide space -- which fits into the
browser when it's not in full-screen mode. 

	Last thought: Your idea does not reflect a "fluid" layout in the
true sense, so we should make sure people keep that in mind as they

	I should be able to finish my new design idea within the next couple
of days. (It may not look _exactly_ like what Quim has posted, but it
will contain everything that is present on his design -- in roughly
the same places). 


	P.S. Thanks for mocking on a grid! :) 
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 Subject: Re: maemo.org redesign
 From:  Quim Gil 
 To: "Tim" ,"List for community development" 
 Date: 10/07/2008 2:32 am
 - All good ideas taken.
 - Nobody should get overloaded, not even the 770 browser.
 - Perfectly doable with simple & standard code.
 - Content refreshed by the community, no need for manual updates.
 - Flexible: you can improve a module without affecting the whole.
 - All what designers need to work on a beautiful layout.
 - All what writers need to work on final copy.
 Quim Gil

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