[maemo-community] maemo.org redesign

From: Tim tim at samoff.com
Date: Wed Oct 8 00:11:26 EEST 2008


	New design concept here:  


	A couple of notes: 

     	*I got the entire site to fit within 700px (meaning the browser
doesn't have to be full-screen to see it all).     	*I mostly did what
Quim was asking, with a few minor alterations.     	*I've taken the
liberty of choosing the link titles and placement (others speak up if
they need to be changed).     	*Etc. -- take a look. 
	This is probably the "simplest" design ever -- meaning in look/feel,
not necessarily execution. ;) In my opinion, it even feels
simila-but-different to the current maemo.org site -- which can be a
good thing for the transition. In any case, I think it shows dynamic
content in a fairly organized and intuitive manner this time. 

	Let me know what you think. 


	P.S. As always, the source file (PS CS3) is located in the ../source
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