[maemo-community] Pushing community software to prime time

From: Quim Gil quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Fri Oct 10 10:04:57 EEST 2008

ext Dave Neary wrote:
> Hi Quim,
> quim.gil at nokia.com wrote:
>> In short, it would be great to get a list of community projects you
>> think that Nokia should support in order to have them in excellent
>> condition and ready for real users the day Maemo 5 is released. By the
>> end of the month?
> Isn't that the point of featured apps?
> https://maemo.org/downloads/featured/OS2008/25/

Yes and no. There you have stable apps focused on Diablo. How many of
them would raise a WOW! from a new real user getting Maemo for the first
time in her hands? And how many apps not in that list because they are
unstable or don't even exist in Maemo might have a huge potential
combined with the Fremantle capabilities?

This exercise requires more imagination from all of us than just going
to extras and see what is in there.

> That certainly seems like a good starting point for projects to put on a
> pedestal.

Starting point yes, but think wide. To propose concrete benchmarks:
things that would impress even your non-geeky your friends. Things that
tech bloggers wouldn't like to miss in their Maemo 5 review. Things
that, in fact, don't exist entirely today but can be a reality next year.

> Can you help refine the plan a little? How many applications are you
> looking for, max?

We don't want to predefine a limit, even if our resources will be
limited and as a principle we prefer to showcase a more limited set of
applications each one of them being just excellent. A main reason is
that the only fact that the Maemo community selects an app a 'candidate
for Fremantle star' should be helpful for that app to get community
attention and contributions, with or without the direct support of Nokia.

We are more interested in good level of creativity and potential. If
only 3 projects get there, fine. If there are 30, all the better. But
getting 30 by lowering expectations sounds like a poor trade off.

> How do you plan on gathering and organising feedback,
> or is it up to us to propose and organise something?

You decide and we adapt to your process.

> When will we know we're finished?

2008/11/01  :)

Quim Gil
marketing manager, open source
Maemo Software @ Nokia

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