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From: Tim tim at samoff.com
Date: Fri Oct 10 15:49:43 EEST 2008

	> ...I'd rather have it as
 > a search box that does the right thing (see
 > http://impressive.net/services/dtrt/). Some things I'd like to

	That was actually my original idea (although I didn't explain it).
It may, in fact, be a limitation of Midgard, though. 

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 Hi there!
 On Fri, 10 Oct 2008 06:15:31 -0600
 Tim  wrote:
 > Any thoughts on the new rev (my comments below)? 
 Although Quim has said he wanted a drop-down box, I'd rather have it
 a search box that does the right thing (see
 http://impressive.net/services/dtrt/). Some things I'd like to see:
 * Entering just a number takes me to the bug page on bugs.maemo.org
 * Entering an exact product name brings me to the product page (but
 having an option on that product page to search for posts, wiki
 etc.. for that product, because if i enter a product name, i might
 want to see wiki pages, etc.. related to that)
 * Entering an exact wiki page title brings me to the wiki page (e.g.
 "uploading to extras" brings me to the "Uploading_to_Extras" page)
 * Entering an exact username brings me to the profile page (again,
 a link there to do a full-text search)
 * Entering a function name brings up the documentation page for it
 I enter "HildonVolumebar" or "hildon_program_get_instance" and it
 opens up the api docs for that class/function)
 Alternatively to adding an option to do a full-text search to each
 entity (project, user, etc..), we could have two buttons (see
 for an example, they have "article" and "full-text"), one that does
 right thing as described above and one that defaults to full-text
 Of course, there might be technical constraints, but from the point
 view of a user and developer, I'd like to go to maemo.org, quickly
 what I want (user info, project info, developer docs, bug report)
 be done with it. I don't want to "learn" the structure (see second
 screenshot) of maemo.org, I want to get to the stuff I need
 and I want to get there fast. Still, if I use it often, and want to
 "learn" it a bit more, having that search box do things like above
 very cool and easy to learn.
 Also, the affordance of such a white box in the top right of a web
 is "type text and search away", not "select a category". See these
 pages and think about what the white box in the top right corner
 (no particular order or reason for picking these, just thinking of
 some more prominent company/project web sites):
 Putting a drop-down box there isn't a good solution, in my opinion.

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