[maemo-community] Pushing community software to prime time

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Fri Oct 10 18:51:04 EEST 2008

I just want to be clear on what we're looking for here.

Quim Gil wrote:
>> Isn't that the point of featured apps?
>> https://maemo.org/downloads/featured/OS2008/25/
> Yes and no. There you have stable apps focused on Diablo. How many of
> them would raise a WOW! from a new real user getting Maemo for the first
> time in her hands? And how many apps not in that list because they are
> unstable or don't even exist in Maemo might have a huge potential
> combined with the Fremantle capabilities?
> This exercise requires more imagination from all of us than just going
> to extras and see what is in there.

So we're not looking for apps that are *great* right now, we're looking
for apps that have great potential to be great in 1 year?

> Starting point yes, but think wide. To propose concrete benchmarks:
> things that would impress even your non-geeky your friends. Things that
> tech bloggers wouldn't like to miss in their Maemo 5 review. Things
> that, in fact, don't exist entirely today but can be a reality next year.

Or are we brainstorming on types of applications which would be great
for the tablet environment?

> We are more interested in good level of creativity and potential. If
> only 3 projects get there, fine. If there are 30, all the better. But
> getting 30 by lowering expectations sounds like a poor trade off.

Agreed on having standards - my idea was something like:

1. Set a standard (unfortunately, I don't think the standard can be
completely objective - the "Wow!" factor is just too subjective).
2. Brainstorm a list of potential apps. I would suggest starting from
existing applications rather than going down the road of brainstorming
ideas that don't even exist yet.
3. From the list, order them by our standard and set a cut-off point.
I'd say no more than 5 myself. You want these apps to be, as you say,
the absolute cream of the crop, the apps that make you pee your pants
with joy when you discover them.

>> How do you plan on gathering and organising feedback,
>> or is it up to us to propose and organise something?
> You decide and we adapt to your process.

OK - proposal for step 2 already:

In the "Remarkable community projects" page, I just changed the "New
proposals" section to "Proposals for Fremantle Stars". If people can add
applications they consider worthy there, that's a good start.

Since we're talking about apps that should be "Wow!" in a while, I
propose that we ignore the requirements that the app be in Extras & be
cleanly installable for the moment - these are things that can be fixed
when the time comes.

I would suggest to people that if you are adding any more than 2
applications here, you're not being picky enough.

I think I would probably add Numpty Physics, and perhaps Maemo Mapper or

>> When will we know we're finished?
> 2008/11/01  :)

OK, at least there's a finality :)


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