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From: Tim tim at samoff.com
Date: Mon Oct 13 16:58:30 EEST 2008


	Thank you! Very nice -- and it feels good to see that some of my
ideas were retained. ;) 

	One thing, though... Please read some of the follow-up conversation
about page content:  


	A couple of things: 

     	*Need somewhere to put "banners" (i.e., graphic links of some
sort) to "neighbor sites" (e.g., maemo.nokia.com, forum.nokia.com,
internettablettalk.com, etc.)     	*The "About maemo.org" part has
been dropped based on popular vote (i.e., a "Get Info" link is
enough).     	*Actually, the entire middle "about" section has been
reimagined to be more dynamic, but I'll let others weigh in on this.  
  	*We're still waiting on someone (or some people) to come up with
the "official" verbiage for the site (e.g., No one seems to like the
word "bugs," so what should it be?)     	*There is a lot od discussion
about all of this in the mailing list, but I'm too busy to find all of
the relevant threads. Sorry. 
	As you'll see, some of the stuff that you've represented has been
nixed in order to provide more and less of certain items (e.g., less
description of "Maemo" and more immediate dynamic content). BUT, you
have done a great job representing some of the things I was thinking,
so there's not reason -- if everyone agrees -- to go back and rethink
some of our prior "decisions." 

	Much thanks!
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 Subject: Maemo.org Look & Feel
 From:  Andre Cunha 
 To: maemo-community at maemo.org
 Date: 10/13/2008 7:34 am
 Hello everyone,
 I work in OpenBossa with Marcelo and Glauber, and here is my look &
feel proposal for maemo.org[2]. I based it on the previous proposals
and sketches submitted by some of you on
     	*Home page1[4]     	*Home page2[5]     	*Home page3[6]    
	*Second level page[7] 

 Looking forward for your feedbacks.
 Andre Cunha _______________________________________________
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[2] http://maemo.org
[3] https://wiki.maemo.org/Task:Improving_maemo.org
[4] http://openbossa.andrecunha.com/HOME.jpg
[5] http://openbossa.andrecunha.com/HOME2.jpg
[6] http://openbossa.andrecunha.com/HOME3.jpg
[7] http://openbossa.andrecunha.com/LEVEL2.jpg

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