[maemo-community] Pushing community software to prime time

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Tue Oct 14 18:52:02 EEST 2008

Quim Gil wrote:
> Whatever is great today in Diablo is very likely to be just ok 3 months
> after the release of the beta SDK, unless new ideas are implemented.
> It's not only about the progress in Maemo, look also the world out
> there. Everything is evolving fast and the question is whether the Maemo
> & open source communities can come up with something challenging at that
> speed running on top of Maemo Fremantle.

I'm still a little unclear about what we're picking. Are we picking
projects that Nokia wants to invest in over the coming months?

> The list should point to real projects (no matter in which phase now)
> with real people behind today. This way we can support them having the
> cool stuff ready at the same time as the Maemo 5 release.


>> 1. Set a standard (unfortunately, I don't think the standard can be
>> completely objective - the "Wow!" factor is just too subjective).
> Examples of standards?

For example, part of the standard could be "best of breed among similar
applications" - if someone proposes an image viewer, it better be the
best damn image viewer out there for the tablet.

And, indeed, "Wow!" factor can be used, but it is completely subjective.
This is all I am saying.

> Why not trusting ideas coming from trusted developers or projects?
> It looks like you have in mind (unconsciously?) time frames of mature
> thick native application development. How long does it take though to
> develop something smart that does the trick though? Think also on
> Mozilla addons, think widgets, think single purpose apps and so on.

Actually, I'm unsure what *you* have in mind - thus the questions. I'm
trying to figure out exactly what we're talking about, what the
consequences of being on this list will be, etc. If we're looking at
great people, or great potential applications, I have my ideas too :)

> If the list is sorted or categorized in some way you don't need to care
> much about cutting off. We can do that anyway. In public, democratic
> transparent processes cutting might take more time than adding. The
> community value comes from the ability to brainstorm, discuss, filter
> and sort.

OK. Sorting is the hard part, after all :)


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