[maemo-community] maemo.org redesign

From: Jussi.H Makinen jussi.h.makinen at nokia.com
Date: Wed Oct 15 10:28:26 EEST 2008
> - Too thick header. The best benchmark for this is to load the image in
> your tablet.

Good point. I've been mainly looking at the designs through a 30"
screen....with a tablet sized screen, bigger boxes, elements and
banners do make a lot of sense while smaller tabbed solutions not so
much. I guess I'm just not good at accepting compromises :)


> - Too many boxes. I think it gets distressing at some point. Help =
> Support and Join Us = Get involved, therefore I propose (again) to get
> rid of those duplicities. More background boxes can disappear just bu
> putting the elements on top of the background.
> A first step in that direction:
> http://wiki.maemo.org/images/d/d5/Homepage-proposal-4.png
> NO INTENTION OF SHOWING FINAL DESIGN! I just plaid with the existing
> elements doing cut, paste, scale, invert.
> The major changes are the move of login/register from the header to the
> People block (with some design love it can loook sensible and
> integrated) and killing (again) the thick buttons that (really, really)
> I don't think that useful just because they are big.
> Now there is a slimmer header (more can be done working on nav + help +
> search boxes) and some more clarity.
> ext Jussi.H Makinen wrote:
>> Hi,
>> To my eye, Andre's  first layout
>> (http://openbossa.andrecunha.com/HOME.jpg) has the best looks. Forcing
>> two big download banners to the front page does not seem like an
>> elegant solution compared to the original.
> They are not banners but pure information bits. When we get the karmna
> for applications - https://bugs.maemo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2179 - the HOT
> item will be refreshed automatically probably every 3-7 days just like
> the top news get refreshed, while the FRESH will probably change several
> times a day - http://maemo.org/downloads/updated/OS2008/25/
> It is the interest of everybody to raise the attention on these apps to
> get more downloads, testing, feedback and ratings. maemo.nokia.com is
> actually very interested on this since you will cherry pick from there
> what is considered most interesting and best, taking into account the
> feedback received on stability etc.
>> The main app promotion page
>> for users should anyway be at maemo.nokia.com and further down the
>> road I can see the application manger itself handling lot's of this
>> "most downloaded" "fresh" etc. stuff. So, why push it here? Not sure
>> who does it serve...
> "fresh" in maemo.org might be a lot more fresh than in maemo.nokia.com
> or even the application manager. maemo.org is the frontline where the
> first generation of feedback is received. Many fresh stuff in maemo.org
> will probably never show up in maemo.nokia.com or the application
> manager (aka extras).
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