[maemo-community] maemo.org redesign

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Wed Oct 15 11:14:31 EEST 2008

Jussi.H Makinen wrote:
> Very true, I have to admit that I have payed more attention to the
> mockups than the discussion itself.  And as this is needs to be truly
> a democratic design process, I totally understand that my opinion is
> as good as any other so I'm very open to depate. Even with Quim :-)

What we're arguing to achieve, I guess, is a set of guidelines which
will be used by the designers for the content.

The main discussion points have been: dynamic vs static content (how
much, what prominence to give it, what type of content), main use-cases
to address with the front page, and how best to address them (big boxes
for "Get help", "Get involved", or just plain links in a top-level menu?)

We're all agreed I think that the front page should change often enough
not to be completely static, should provide links to cater for our main
use-cases to bring people quickly to the part of the site most useful to

The disagreement is in the priority & size of the various visual
elements, some argument over placement of things & so on, but we've been
steadily converging. There are a couple of hold-outs (I'm holding out
for some nice big links, Quim is holding out against, Jaffa is holding
out for "Documentation" and "Report a bug" links, I'm holding out for
"Development" or "Developer" to hold all the developer documentation,
and "Get help" to hold all the user troubleshooting-type documentation),
but we seem to be close to convergence.

Once we have a set of visual elements we want to include in the page,
with a priority attached to each, the designers will have a decent
charter to work with.

One of the things I was hoping to avoid, but which I guess the mock-ups
have made unreasonable, was to separate discussion on content & layout
from style, colours, look & feel. But the fairly chaotic process seems
to be producing something decent...

> All the mockups so far are great improvements to the current state of
> maemo.org so the direction is good. That said, there's so many good
> things going on in Andre's first mockup that it would be a shame to
> abandon those in favor of more compromised and crammed design.

Such as? Aside from displacing "Hot" & "Fresh", which things do you
think have been dropped that shouldn't be? (for reference, Andre's
mock-up is heavily based on Tim's first proposal).


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