[maemo-community] Introducing BlueMaemo

From: Thomas Perl thp at perli.net
Date: Mon Oct 20 09:30:11 EEST 2008
Tim wrote:
> Cool. (YouTube keeps erroring out when I try to leave a comment, so I
> apologize if you get a  bunch of comment attempts from me). Anyway, I was
> trying to leave a comment about the idea of implementing something like
> this:
> http://uwnews.washington.edu/ni/article.asp?articleID=37134
> Simple, no... But, it's a logical next step!

PocketSphinx should be able provide the necessary input/speech 
recognition needed for that. It works on the N8x0 for detecting spoken 
words from a pre-defined dictionary, and uses GStreamer. David 
Huggins-Daines built a package for OS2008, including Python bindings:



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