[maemo-community] What's eating maemo.org?

From: Jamie Bennett jamie at linuxuk.org
Date: Wed Oct 22 00:27:19 EEST 2008
On Tue, 2008-10-21 at 15:05 -0600, Tim wrote:
> Ryan,
> Didn't you know that web browsing with glass eyeballs is a much more
> pleasurable experience? Unfortunately, you weren't at the summit,
> where all of the shiny new replacements were passed out. (I went for a
> lovely set of piercing teal balls.)

Getting back to the point at hand, even browsing planet.maemo.org has
been beyond the limits of any sane person. Something is definitely very
*wrong* (including karma problems again, timeouts?) and does not give a
good impression of the Maemo community at all.

> Tim

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