[maemo-community] Need all of the maemo.org logo variations in SVG

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Wed Oct 22 14:03:06 EEST 2008
Hi Ryan,

Ryan Abel wrote:
> As the logos sort of filtered in piecemeal, it's been really hard to  
> gather all of the different variations in one place. I've put what I  
> could find on the trademark page, but there's still some missing.[1]
> So, is there any chance I could get all of the variations in svg  
> (individual files, hopefully)? I have the primary logo in color in  
> svg, but we also at least need the favicon, and the plain ae in svg.
> Next time, let's get these things all in one place quickly, so other  
> people don't have to waste time digging them up months later. :\
> (CCing Marcelo, as Glaubert, apparently, doesn't have an email address)

Is the last version which was sent to the mailing list the one you're
interested in? This is the latest version I have.

Marcelo, Glaubert: perhaps you guys could upload the definitive final
versions (various PNGs, SVGs and the AI) to this page in the wiki, and
we'll get them referenced in the trademarks page, to avoid confusion
like this in the future?


maemo.org docsmaster
Email: dneary at maemo.org
Jabber: bolsh at jabber.org

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