[maemo-community] Modified layout for maemo.org

From: Eduardo Lima (Etrunko) eblima at gmail.com
Date: Fri Oct 31 19:43:40 EET 2008
On Fri, Oct 31, 2008 at 12:51 PM, Dave Neary <dneary at maemo.org> wrote:
> It's obvious that we're not working very efficiently here - and I'll
> have to take most of the blame for that.

Although we have achieved huge progress since the work started, maybe
this discussion has been extended for so long. I think the most of us
feel good with the latest ideas of the new design. Obviously,
everybody has his own preferences but it is impossible to satisfy each
and everyone's needs a hundred percent. I tend to only "watch" design
discussions like this one because of some clear reasons:
  - I know very little of web development, so I can't really tell or
even argue in favor or against a proposal.
  - All proposals look awesome IMHO, albeit there was a clear
difference between some of them in the approach and target of the
  - I'm awful in drawing, be it using gimp, inkscape and especially
using pencil and paper. :)

> We need to clarify:
>  - What we expect from INdT
>  - The role of the community in the redesign (one person remarked to me
> that he was unsure what to do with "design decisions flying from one
> side to the other")

About the INdT role. We, as community players, want to participate and
contribute to the design process the best way we can. On the other
hand, as programmers of the website, having the maemo community as
client of this project, I think we must not interfere too much in the
decisions about content and specially the architecture to be used.
Some questions must be aswered, for instance, will we still be using
Midgard as CMS or back to the simple html/css/javascript? Anyway, IMHO
we need to settle a deadline to define those main topics.

> In terms of interaction with the design team, I would like to propose
> that myself, Tim and Jaffa (Note: I haven't asked them yet - up to the
> job, guys?) work with the design team to reach agreement on a new theme
> & layout, but that the discussion continue to happen in public on the
> community list - we'll aggregate & filter comments from the community,
> and INdT will have one vision to implement & report back to us.

Sounds pretty good and fair to me.

Best regards, Etrunko.

Eduardo de Barros Lima
INdT - Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia
eblima at gmail.com

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