[maemo-community] Final candidate list for Community Council elections

From: Graham Cobb g+770 at cobb.uk.net
Date: Wed Sep 3 15:27:15 EEST 2008
On Wednesday 03 September 2008 11:33:54 Dave Neary wrote:
> This is the system GNOME uses, and I don't like it. It's also not the
> one which was agreed in the discussion in the wiki (to which people have
> been pointed on sufficient occasions to contribute at this stage).

I can't let this go by without comment.  A wiki is NOT a suitable place for a 
discussion.  It is an excellent place for posting proposals and also an 
excellent way for fine tuning.  But it is not suitable for discussions.  For 
example, in the the Debian marketing team we use a wiki very effectively to 
allow everyone to improve the wording of Debian announcements, but 
controversial changes are discussed on the mailing list.

With hindsight, the wiki should not have been used for something as visible 
and, presumably, important to the community as the council voting process -- 
that discussion should have happened on the mailing lists which would have 
ensured a much wider participation and awareness and, eventually, a wider 
base of support for the chosen options.

However, while I am not fond of the 1-vote option, we should not consider 
changing it now.  The future voting process can be on the agenda for 
consideration of the new council.  And their proposal can then be discussed 
on the mailing lists!


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