[maemo-community] Karma (was Re: Quick stats on voter lists)

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Wed Sep 3 16:42:53 EEST 2008

Henri Bergius wrote:
>> The worst aspect now is... software development! Which at the end even a
>> non-developer like myself reckon that is an essential aspect in a
>> community like Maemo. Downloads, stars, comments etc on product pages
>> should benefit the developers of those apps.
> True. It does, and maybe we can/should raise the modifier for
> products. Now it is:
> 'karma_products_modifier' => 7,

The flaw is that this gives equal weight to someone who maintains 3
popular products for Diablo, and one product that no-one likes for 3
older OS versions.

As you explained the karma rule to me, the product score is

sum ((1 + star(P)) * 4)

where the sum is over each product and OS version you own. So if you own
3 products, each supporting 5 OS versions, you own 15 distinct products,
each with their pwn star rating & product multiplier. This is how disq
has 220 product points.

What Quim is suggestiong, I think, is modifying the products modifier to
include downloads, stars and comments on products rather than just using
the star rating when calculating a product's "price".


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