[maemo-community] Karma (was Re: Quick stats on voter lists)

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Wed Sep 3 16:47:54 EEST 2008
Hi Frantisek,

Frantisek Dufka wrote:
> Basically I have no problem with karma as such. It is useful an 
> interesting in some ways. What I have problem with is using the total 
> calculated number (let's call it BogoKarma number) as sole reason for 
> drawing line and excluding people below the line. There was such attempt 
> with the voting.

And it would have worked, if you hadn't seen through me evil plan!!!

(but seriously...)

The attempt was to produce an objective measure of Maemo community
citizenship. It's reasonable that the people chosing the council be
community members. Simply creating a Maemo account, in my opinion, does
not suffice for membership. As such, I consider having 12,000 people
elligible to vote in this election a flaw of the system, rather than an
advantage. I expect the voter turnout to be around 5% to 7%. Which isn't
a success of democracy.

I am, as I said before, open to discussions on *other* objective
measures of community citizenship, but I do not think that flinging the
doors open to all comers is a good thing if we want the council to be a
representative body.


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