[maemo-community] A rant on 25th-hour hysterics...

From: gary liquid liquid at gmail.com
Date: Wed Sep 3 20:38:18 EEST 2008

regarding itT threads, as part of your account settings you can configure it
to automatically subscribe to threads you post to.
Therefore you get a mail when someone replies I keep ontop of the important
ones that way.

I have these mailing lists dribbling in but tend to keep out of the
IRC ebbs and flows as it always has, and I have an active set of keywords to
keep me informed, but I don't tend to read scrollback unless its something

The wiki and bugzilla are a bit more specific and I don't tend to monitor
pages there, I always get lost in the discussions and think they are used a
bit too much for important stuff that a proper mailing list or forum thread
would be better, I'm a huge fan of the comments and discussion system
slashdot uses and feel something similar would be a benefit to important

thats my £0.02

gary (lcuk on #maemo)

On Wed, Sep 3, 2008 at 5:22 PM, Simon Pickering <S.G.Pickering at bath.ac.uk>wrote:

> > I'd love to hear from the candidates on this. What forums do you guys
> > follow in Maemo (including project mailing lists, subversion, ...)?
> In terms of mailing lists: I follow -community in a non-digest way
> (but only since quite recently as the midgard stuff was of little
> interest to me); -developers again in non-digest form; -users as a
> digest (which was quite bad as I missed some useful stuff, I've now
> taken to reading it more carefully).
> I scan ITT "New Posts" a few times per day and contribute fairly often
> (and tend to forget threads I've contributed to, so please remind me
> if someone's looking for an answer!); I look at the maemo.org page and
> News every couple of days; I don't often look at the wiki unless
> there's something specific (i.e. I don't tend to track changes on
> anything other than the DSP Programming page, which I still need to
> update.... sorry!).
> I do lurk on IRC most days, though how much I see and interact really
> depends on whether I'm in the office or the lab, and whether I'm
> sitting waiting for code to run (and can pay some attention to the
> window) or am hard at work writing code/reports (and it all passes me
> by). I don't tend to look at the IRC logs unless it's something
> specific I'm searching for (and my IRC client thankfully doesn't have
> a very long history ;), I certainly don't look back over the last
> night's log every morning.
> I think that pretty much sums it up for me :)
> Cheers,
> Simon
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