[maemo-community] A rant on 25th-hour hysterics...

From: Tim tim at samoff.com
Date: Wed Sep 3 22:45:11 EEST 2008

Ok, so I'm on the mailing lists, itT, Planet, and wiki:

 - When I'm busy (as I should be right now!), I usually just skip the
mailing lists.
   I'm subscribed to digest-form and I'll umostly skim the subjects, but
often skip
   the content itself -- unless I'm part of an active conversation (or want
   become active in one).

 - On itT, I usually launch off of the main page, so I miss many discussion
   unless I'm searching for something.

 - I usually read most of what's on Planet because I'm going there when I do
   time (either via browser or RSS).

* The wiki tends to be where I witness the most productivity... I'm
"Watching" many
   pages and I get an email any time one changes. And, I thought it was a
great way
   to discuss the logo contest (among other things).

As I've said, I haven't had time to get on the IRC sessions when they are in
progress (I have skimmed some of the past proceedings, though).

So, I see that I'm quite different than most. In my mind, the wiki is the
most important method of adding to the community on a user level.

Now, on as a developer I might differ and say that the maemo-developers list
is most important. So there is a difference of thought here.


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