[maemo-community] Council thread : who wants my vote - and why?

From: Ryan Abel rabelg5 at gmail.com
Date: Fri Sep 5 23:00:27 EEST 2008
On Sep 5, 2008, at 9:05 AM, Dave Neary wrote:

I'm going to respond to these since they're a little more specific and  
easier to work with. ;)

> What do you bring to the council that no other candidate does?

Probably a lot more attitude. ;) More seriously, I'm not out to do  
anything but tell it like it is—both to the community and to Nokia—and  
I hope that I can help foster candid, productive discussion on  
important community and Nokia issues.

> What do you expect to achieve on/with the council? What's your top
> priority issue to resolve, and how do you plan to help make that  
> happen?

I'd really like to generate a more concerted movement in positive  
directions. I believe a small amount of focused leadership can help  
take the community where it wants to go. Projects like the wiki and  
bugzilla are in need of a lot of help, and motivating people to get  
involved is one of my big goals.

> Where do you want to see the council at the end of your term in 6  
> months?

Hopefully in some sort of position of relevance and actually doing  
some useful work. The first council has a lot of work cut out for it,  
as it doesn't have any sort of established reputation, existing  
workflow, or job description to work from. All these things have to be  
pounded out as it goes along, which is both an opportunity and a  
burden for the first council.
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