[maemo-community] Incorrect election title on voting page

From: Ryan Abel rabelg5 at gmail.com
Date: Mon Sep 8 13:30:12 EEST 2008
On Sep 8, 2008, at 6:21 AM, <jussi.h.makinen at nokia.com> <jussi.h.makinen at nokia.com 
 > wrote:

>> This point has been discussed fairly heavily in a number of
>> places (I can't be bothered to dig up links at the moment,
>> perhaps somebody else would mind doing so? :D), but my own
>> opinion is that you can't really be a part of a community
>> without being involved in it.
> After some thinking, I fully agree. There's a difference between a  
> user
> and a community member. But the idea or possibility that users are not
> just users, but members of a community is great and unique that I hope
> that we can tell more to whoever considers buying the product that  
> runs
> on maemo software.
> Therefore I hope that the council, or the community together with us
> would think ways on how to lower the barrier on getting users into
> contributing community members. At the moment the barrier of getting
> involved with maemo.org is higher than with ITT since benefits of
> creating an account are more concrete. I don't want to create any  
> "this
> vs. that" situation with maemo.org and ITT, but just to say that
> maemo.org needs to create a position also with the end-users that
> everyone understands and agrees.

Yes, getting more people actively involved in maemo.org (particularly  
things like bugzilla and the wiki) is one of my major long-term goals  
(with or without a council seat). I've hopefully done a small part in  
moving that effort forward already by encouraging many of the active  
itT contributors to get involved in maemo.org.

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