[maemo-community] Incorrect election title on voting page

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Mon Sep 8 17:21:17 EEST 2008

Tim wrote:
> Honestly, if this were up to me, I would say that it needs to be the "Maemo
> Community Council."
... [snip]

> In any case, all of this conversation is good, but... Maybe it's a better
> conversation for the elected Council to figure out with Nokia Maemo after
> elections are final...?

I agree with Tim here. I tend towards Maemo community, and I'll be
perfectly happy to use "maemo.org community" everywhere if the council
tells me to do so after the elections :)

In the meantime, one observation that we can make is that the issue does
not have unanimity on the list, so it's difficult to call the title


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