[maemo-community] [Mm]aemo(.org)? ([Cc]ommunity)? (was: Re: Incorrect election title on voting page)

From: Karsten Bräckelmann karstenb at openismus.com
Date: Mon Sep 8 20:16:23 EEST 2008
On Mon, 2008-09-08 at 10:17 +0200, Dave Neary wrote:
> I'm confused about the while thing, actually...
> I thought that "maemo.org" (website and logo) were related to "the Maemo
> community" (not "the maemo.org community") - but perhaps I just don't
> understand the nuances. Peter, Quim, any input into this issue?

Yes, the branding [1] and its current use *is* confusing. The RE in the
subject just depicts a tiny fraction of what's been mentioned in this
very thread. Upper and lower case mixed, for both Maemo and maemo.org,
adding suffixes at random and even calling it Nokia Maemo...

A related problem is mentioned in bug 3577 [2]. Considering bugs.m.o is
being used for products, both part of the Maemo platform as well as
entirely community driven and contributed software, and used by both,
Nokia staff and community members -- what should the title page [3]
actually read to conform to the branding?

I'm not into marketing, neither a lawyer. I'm just confused. :)

[1] https://wiki.maemo.org/Task:Maemo_brand
[2] https://bugs.maemo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=3577
[3] https://bugs.maemo.org/

Karsten Bräckelmann  -- maemo.org bugmaster

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