[maemo-community] Incorrect election title on voting page

From: Tim tim at samoff.com
Date: Wed Sep 10 16:48:44 EEST 2008
Here's the way I see it...

Let's say Nokia didn't exist and Maemo was a standalone company. Normally,
Maemo would have its own commercial website: maemo.com. This would be where
people would go to get information about the company, the products and
services, the people, etc. One of their products is an SDK called Maemo (of
course). Everyone who worked for Maemo would be considered Maemo Employees.

Maemo also has a large user-base that the company considers the Maemo
Community. The community portal (which contains user projects, conversation,
aggregated blogs, etc.) resides at maemo.org.

So, there are three differentiations to make:

1. Maemo Employees
2. Maemo (the product)
3. Maemo Community

This, of course, works similarly to many other open source products, one
example being the Mambo CMS:

* http://mamboserver.com is the "company" website
* http://mambo-foundation.org is the "software" website

In the case of Mambo, "community" exists at both of the above locations as
well as other user-driven locations (http://mambohut.com, etc.).

Switch back to Internet Tablets...

I would venture to say that Internet Tablets (as a device) is a lot larger
than Maemo (the product), but not Maemo (the company). To explain, Maemo
(the product) is something that a small user-base concerns themselves with
(e.g., programmers, hackers, etc.), but Maemo (the company) should strive to
concern themselves with every aspect of Internet Tablets (the device):
developers, users, casual visitors, etc.

Because of this, the Maemo Community (to Maemo the company) encompasses
everything Internet Tablet related. And, because of this, Maemo (the
company) most likely desires to have Community representatives that can
communicate not only the things that concern Maemo (the product), but Maemo
the community.

All of this is regardless of the webspaces (domains) that Maemo (the
company) might offer to the public. I.e., Maemo (the company) desires to
communicate at all levels, not just those at maemo.org.

Now, let's add Nokia back into the mix...

To us (the community), it should be pretty simple:

* Nokia Maemo = Nokia employees involved with Maemo
* Maemo = Official Nokia Internet Tablet Development Platform
* Maemo Community = Internet Tablet users
* maemo.org = the official, Nokia Maemo website
* anythingelse.* = Other Maemo Community-driven websites
* Maemo Community Council = Select group of Maemo Community representatives
(Internet Tablet users, including developers, users, advocates, etc.)


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