[maemo-community] [Council] Community issue tracking

From: Ryan Abel rabelg5 at gmail.com
Date: Thu Sep 11 19:23:52 EEST 2008
So, yet another organization issue.

One of the council's jobs is to advocate community issues to Nokia,  
so, obviously, the council will have a variety of community issues  
that it is actively working on, and, both for the council to keep  
track of its own progress and to keep the community informed of the  
council's progress, we need some sort of tracking system for these  
issues. My initial thought was to just jump in with the maemo.org  
Sprints and integrate these tasks with that structure, but these  
issues are really out-of-scope for the Sprints and would add an  
unnecessary burden on the maemo.org team in organizing their own work.

So, instead, we'll just lift the sprint setup and use it for a council- 
specific setup. Basically, an index page with an overview of each  
issue(much like the brainstorm pages) with a link to a main Task: page  
(if appropriate) where each issue is outlined and progress is noted.  
The council tasks will have their own set of task templates based on  
the Sprint templates.

Maybe some level of integration with the Sprint organization would be  
useful. I'd like to hear what the maemo.org guys think about that.

But, anyway, does this setup seem workable to everybody? Any other  
good ideas? Suggestions for improvement?

Ryan Abel
maemo.org Community Council member

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