[maemo-community] maemo.org redesign

From: Andrew Flegg andrew at bleb.org
Date: Sun Sep 28 01:31:13 EEST 2008

Following on from the "re{designing,structuring} maemo.org" IRC
meeting the conclusion was to take people's thoughts from the
discussion to -community; with mockups. A useful reference is Dave's


Here're my thoughts. No mockup yet; I'm no graphic designer, so it'll
take me a while. Look should be clean, simple and professional. See -
for example:


You'll have to use your imagination for how this might look. Mockups
along these lines welcome from people who *can* draw :-)

== Background ==
This is taking into account what Quim said about
http://maemo.nokia.com/ being the pushed end-user site and main
developer resource for API reference, official tutorials etc.;
maemo.org is for the community, more experimental end-users and
developers looking for assistance outside of forum.nokia.com.

== Small links ==
Pervasive across *.maemo.org. Similar to the top-bar at ubuntu.com:
* About
* Community
* Development
* Add-ons
* Bugs
* News

This global area also includes logo (duh), sign-in information and
search. Just like ubuntu.com, in fact.

== Big links ==
Task oriented boxes; nicely rounded rectangles, with graduated fills,
white text, a glossy look and lovely icons; similar to top-half of
* "Getting involved"
* "Developing applications"
* "Enhancing your device/add-ons"
* "Have a problem?"

These link to the same places as some of the small links above. May
have bits of bold text to highlight key words, and less strong text
for an additional descriptive phrase.

== Swarming ==
Below the above, we show the current activity in the community. This
is NOT just the latest content (seriously, most of the time that's not
that useful), but instead shows rolling averages of things like the
wiki, Bugzilla and the mailing lists; and top-rated news items. This
is to try and capture where the community is currently focused.

Five sources of information:
* http://wiki.maemo.org/Special:Recentchanges
** Fetch every hour.
** Correlate changed pages with Category:Development and
Category:Community (+ others in future).
** Aggregate the information for the past week (less?) to give a
rolling average.

* http://tinyurl.com/4nzrej (Bugzilla)
** Fetched every hour.
** Gives all bugs which have had something happen to them in the last hour.
** Aggregate the information for the past week (less?) to give a
rolling average.

* http://maemo.org/news/
** Top ranked stuff: no need for rolling average, we've got karmic ratings.

* Some rolling average for the mailing lists.

* Newest ''important'' applications from /downloads/ (new versions of
highly ranked apps will appear in preference to even newer versions of
lower ranked apps). Obviously, if there's no major release of
FBReader/Maemo Mapper/... a release of "Some Insignificant App" with 0
votes and 3 downloads will show up :-)

These feed into four portlets:
# Community
# Development
# Problems
# Add-ons

-users active threads go into "Community", probably. A fifth portlet
would clutter the place up, I think. Unless there're two rows of 3,
with the first having a small "About maemo.org" paragraph.

The portlets should have the simple look of the opensuse.org "News &
Events" portlet, and the bottom row portlets on mozilla.org. Probably
can do with being slightly more dense as we've got the large friendly
buttons above them.

Comments, as always, welcome.



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