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From: Tim tim at samoff.com
Date: Mon Sep 29 21:08:18 EEST 2008

	Like I said on itT, I think this is a great start. A couple of
comments, though...      	*Why not just center the "Big Links"? Is
there something planned for the left side? (It could be the "About
maemo.org" section, of course, leaving a little more room to expand
the below items -- e.g., if "Latest Add-ons" and "News & Events"
spanned two columns and the rest remained on three...)     	*I think
that the page would work just fine without the faded "ae" graphic on
the page background. The design would be just as effective with a
white background.     	*I think the header needs more space. The INDT
guys were supposed to create a styleguide for the new maemo.org logo
-- which, I was assuming would contain padding info for the logo. In
any case, the logo here needs more breathing room.     	*I'm not a big
fan of keeping the site "boxed." Yes, it can still be fluid this way,
but I'd really like to see some designs that opened the entire site
up. (If I have some time...) :p  

	The colors are cool. I like the iconography as well... Nice work,

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 Subject: Re: maemo.org redesign
 From:  Andrew Flegg 
 To: "List for community development" 
 Date: 09/28/2008 2:59 pm
 On Sat, Sep 27, 2008 at 11:31 PM, Andrew Flegg  wrote:
 > Here're my thoughts. No mockup yet; I'm no graphic designer, so
 > take me a while.
 I've attempted to do something with Inkscape:
 Key features:
 > == Small links ==
 > Pervasive across *.maemo.org. [snip]
 And I *mean* pervasive. The overall outline and top-bar should be
 present on *.maemo.org sites. I've used the term 'Add-ons' rather
 'Downloads', because things added to the tablet'll be coming through
 Application Manager rather than directly downloaded. "Extras" is
 but too general at the top-level.
 > == Big links ==
 > Task oriented boxes; nicely rounded rectangles, with graduated
 > white text, a glossy look and lovely icons; [snip]
 These are to guide people who end-up here from Google or
 maemo.nokia.com. High-level, simple English. They'll go to the level
 pages the same as the pervasive links at the top.
 > == Swarming ==
 > Below the above, we show the current activity in the community.
 > is NOT just the latest content (seriously, most of the time that's
 > that useful), but instead shows rolling averages of things like
 > wiki, Bugzilla and the mailing lists; and top-rated news items.
 > is to try and capture where the community is currently focused.
 The formatting of the portlets capturing this swarm information is
 sub-optimal, but Inkscape ain't the best for doing DTP. Hopefully,
 can get the gist and look past the over-simplified detail.
 The portlets correspond to the easy-to-use buttons above, + an about
 box + news & events. Content is syndicated from a VARIETY of
 weighted by activity/newness/etc. and sorted into the buckets. For
 example, the "latest community activity" is showing threads from
 maemo-users, maemo-community and pages which have been recently
 changed a few times in Category:Users and Category:Communnity in the
 Similarly, latest developer activity aggregates content from
 -developers and Category:Development in the wiki.
 These lists should be better styled, possibly including dates - and
 maybe even mini-icons as bullet points to represent the source of
 Anyway, this is close to what's in my head at the moment. If nothing
 else, hopefully it'll inspire some discussion.
 Thanks in advance,
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