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From: Quim Gil quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Tue Sep 30 10:10:21 EEST 2008

ext Tim wrote:
> This sounds good... And, was something I was a little confised about
> prior to your email -- so thanks.
> So, maybe maemo.org should veer slightly towards the "dev" side (without
> becoming too bogged down in dev-oriented issues right off the bat).

Note that there is still one more piece in the plan: Forum Nokia. They
will take care of publishing the official documentation and offer
different levels of support (mainly) to professional developers.

Community, contribution and beta culture are the key aspects of
maemo.org. maemo.nokia.com will concentrate on those experiences to end
users but the stress won't be put on user discussion or building any
kind of community around it.

Same for Forum Nokia and the developers - although they have a good set
of community tools that work well for the S60 & Java communities
communities and it could happen that Maemo enthusiasts would start
things there. Forum Nokia itself has no plans to create Maemo community,

So you see where the very social and independent maemo.org fits very
well. Visible links and good coordination should bring the rest.

> I
> think that a good "standardized" type of recipricol linking system needs
> to be devised for both maemo.org and maemo.nokia.com that posints
> vistors towards the "conjoined" sites (maybe the same type of "button,"
> but different colors?). Anyway, users of maemo.org need to be made aware
> of maemo.nokia.com and vice versa.
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>     Hi,
>     As the guy responsible of giving life to maemo.nokia.com (and other
>     consumer marketing as well..) there's couple of things I'd like to point
>     out about the maemo.org redesign. It's important that the both sites
>     have their own mission and now is the good time to plan out how they can
>     help out eachother in this.
>     The way I see it that maemo.nokia.com represents the Experience while
>     maemo.org the Intelligence of Maemo Software. By experience I mean the
>     what end-users can do with a device running Maemo software and different
>     applications, creating a good pull-in effect to boost the sales of the
>     devices running Maemo. This also includes high-lighting the best
>     community applications from the maemo.org. New users should always find
>     and land first to maemo.nokia.com to learn about Maemo and from there
>     continue to maemo.org to get involved. Therefore maemo.nokia.com banner
>     etc. needs to be strongly present in the Maemo.org frontpage.
>     I'd also like to encourage new & potential users coming to
>     maemo.nokia.com to join the maemo.org community. In order to
>     maemo.org to expand as community beyond developers, it needs to actively
>     lower the barrier to get people involved. There needs to be guidance and
>     improvements for users to "file bugs" for instance. It maybe should be
>     called something entirely different because users might find it a bit
>     uninviting to "file a bug" while for developers this is basic stuff. It
>     would be really good if there would be kind of "introduction" page at
>     Maemo.org where there would be easy to follow, step-by-step instructions
>     on how they can start contributing to the community.
>     What do you think? If you have any ideas or thoughts about the
>     relationship between maemo.org and maemo.nokia.com, just let me know.
>     ' Jussi
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