[maemo-community] maemo.org redesign

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Tue Sep 30 19:32:09 EEST 2008

Here's my idea of a new front page, with a few observations:


Core ideas:

Four big blocks, with 3 of them visible in the top 600 pixels of the
page: Developers, Community, Troubleshooting (not keep on the last
label, but I didn't manage to come up with anything better for "Get
help!") - and "Downloads" or "About Maemo" as a 4th big block.

A right-hand sidebar with latest news (from an RSS feed) and another one
with new apps, most popular & top downloads (again from various RSS feeds).

The top menu bar doubles up on the various links.

To explain what's behind each of these sections:

"Troubleshooting" (perhaps the vaguest) should include RSS feeds from
the itT forum, most popular bugs (most duplicates, most votes, etc),
some wiki pages from the "Troubleshooting" category, and links to useful
sections of the user documentation.

"Developers" should include maybe a feed of latest internal and external
Maemo tutorials (including official docs & the wiki, with external stuff
picked up from delicious maybe? See http://delicious.com/tag/maemo),
links to reference documentation, of course, general information about
the Maemo platform, links to information on getting started (doing a
Hello, World, porting an existing app, UI guidelines for Maemo
applications, etc). Also links to developer forums, like the mailing
list, IRC maybe, etc.

"Community" will also lead to a portal page pointing to a bunch of
community stuff - blogs, articles, forums, mailing lists, relevant wiki
pages, news, people (karma listings & features community person feature
here, perhaps?) and also projects, new bugzilla entries, etc.

"Downloads" goes to maemo.org/downloads, which I think is already great.

One thing I'm a little unsure of (and, to be frank, a little concerned
about) is where maemo.org fits into Nokia's plans for maemo.nokia.com
and Forum Nokia. In particular in Quim's mock-up he has "Users ->
maemo.nokia.com; Developers -> Forum Nokia" - that left me with a sneaky
feeling that the general idea is that users go to one Nokia site,
developers go to another Nokia site, and maemo.org is for "the
Community". But of course, users and developers are the community, and
if maemo.org is only a place where enthusiasts cater to other
enthusiasts, but not to users or developers, it won't create much
community buzz.

I have an idea that maemo.org continues to cater to users and
developers, but that maemo.nokia.com somehow picks the cream of the crop
to show-case the community's work - rather than maemo.nokia.com somehow
making a big part of maemo.org redundant.

Am I misunderstanding the signals I'm getting about maemo.org's future
place in the grand scheme of things wrt maemo.nokia.com?


Quim Gil wrote:
> ext Andrew Flegg wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Following on from the "re{designing,structuring} maemo.org" IRC
>> meeting the conclusion was to take people's thoughts from the
>> discussion to -community; with mockups. A useful reference is Dave's
>> proposal:
>>     http://wiki.maemo.org/Task:Improving_maemo.org/proposal
>> Here're my thoughts. No mockup yet; I'm no graphic designer,
> Nor me but this is what I was talking about in the IRC meeting:
> http://wiki.maemo.org/images/7/76/2898548020_f296152527_b.jpg
> PC/laptop visitors should most if not all the screen at once. Tablet
> visitors would probably not see the About section but that's fine since
> they are already Maemo users.
> The content is almost real, the picture for now. It looks to me more
> interesting than a mostly static page, not only for insiders but also
> for newbies.

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