[maemo-community] Get the FAT Out

From: David Greaves david at dgreaves.com
Date: Thu Apr 2 22:47:49 EEST 2009
Erik Hovland wrote:
>>> After the TomTom noise, I wonder if there is any plan to get FAT usage
>>> out of maemo. At least as the default operating system.
>> That doesn't really make much sense.
> Sorry, you're right it doesn't make much sense.
> Let me say what a moments more of thought would have had me write.
> I wonder if there is any plan to get FAT usage out of maemo. At least
> as the default filesystem for the removable flash storage. People
> could still use FAT. But it wouldn't be the first choice for maemo.

It's not. Maemo uses another fs as the rootfs. It's the first choice for CF
cards makers though. Maemo certainly let me format my CF as ext3. I suggest you
do the same :)

Equally I suggest you write to Nokia's legal department for an authoritative
answer from a large commercial entity. This is the community list and has no
authority or knowledge.

If you want to know about FAT in Linux in general or any of the free distros
then try lkml or #mer. I doubt they'll care though :)

>> Alternatively, I can unsubscribe from this list and recommend that all
>> other Nokians follow suit. You *really* don't want to ask employees
>> who are trying to contribute to be forced to contact lawyers before
>> they join lists, read them, or contribute. And as to threats, there
>> are definitely cases where companies have ordered employees to either
>> leave lists or not join them because of lawyers.
> Once again, I think you are overreacting. But you are welcome to your opinion.
Actually I think any Nokians reading this list should ignore it unless it's
asked directly. And in that case refer the questioner to a lawyer.

As for suggesting a DOS attack vector (pardon the pun) against corporate
participation... d'oh.
However I suspect Nokia is sufficiently au fait with the legalities around OSS
now that well-meaning questions like this are unlikely to have a negative effect.

In general though Erik this is exactly the kind of discussion that patent owners
want you to stir up.... don't do their dirty work ;)


"Don't worry, you'll be fine; I saw it work in a cartoon once..."

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