[maemo-community] Comments about the maemo brainstorm

From: Quim Gil quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Thu Apr 16 12:23:37 EEST 2009

ext Henri Bergius wrote:
> We're not talking about a particularly complex feature, especially as
> a lot of the infrastructure useful for it (favouriting, commenting
> etc) is already available in the maemo.org Midgard setup.
> Doing it this way ought to be better both schedule and compatibility -wise.

More or less the same argument was used for the wiki and the web forum.
We ended up using MediaWiki and now integrating ITt.

I still see Midgard as a good but unpolished tool, appropriate to few
skilled posters but less so for the average guy just jumping and willing
to post something.

On the other hand http://ideatorrent.org/ comes backed by the proven
success of http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/ . It has a team developing it,
it comes with default settings, admin interface, graphics... Changing
header and footer by the ones used in newstyle.maemo.org should be trivial.

About the user accounts yes, another pain. But well, this is why we are
going ahead with http://wiki.maemo.org/Task:Single_sign-on . If the
price is to start without user integration and karma points, no problem
(although if Karma can be calculated for ITt users caring to sync
manually I guess the same can be done here).

About another CMS to maintain... again based on my experience here I
think that maintaining an additional CMS that is being developed
independently by others is at the end simpler (even if more boring) than
thickening our own custom Midgard implementation.

Having IdeaTorrent installed with a maemo.org logo takes no more than
few hours: http://www.ideatorrent.org/docs/en/installation.txt.html

Quim Gil
open source advocate
Maemo Software @ Nokia

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