[maemo-community] Comments about the maemo brainstorm

From: Oskari Kokko osku at nemein.com
Date: Mon Apr 20 20:40:22 EEST 2009

Made some html-templates to internal just to test the look and feel of
the brainstorm in the maemo layout. When everyone doesn't have access to
internal, you can go and look the screencapture on

If you have access to internal, the page is located at

I'm not a graphical designer, so the look and feel might not be what you
expected and that's why I started by making that html-page, so people
can comment about it.

So, I'm hoping that you comment about the layout and if someone feels
like it, feel free to make modified layouts about the page.


Oskari Kokko
Nemein Oy
oskari.kokko at nemein.com
020 1986034

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