[maemo-community] [GSoC 09] - Mnemosyne for Maemo

From: Max Usachev maxusachev at gmail.com
Date: Wed Apr 22 00:08:33 EEST 2009

I'm the student that will work in "Mnemosyne for Maemo" project. The 
purpose of this project is to create mobile version of Mnemosyne [1] for 
Maemo platform.
Mnemosyne is a learning tool based on spaced repetition technique [2]. 
Using this program you can learn foreign languages, sound fragments, 
graphic information.

The main idea of porting Mnemosyne is to adapt existing desktop 
interface for using it by finger, not by stilus and also add some 
additional features such as text-to-speech support and synchronization 
between mobile and desktop version.

I will use Python and GTK+ toolkit. GTK is the best choice, because it 
has Python bindings, shows good performance, customizable and well 
documented. Also, when using PyGTK you have to install only Python bindings.

I am 3rd year student of the Belarussian State University of Informatics 
and Radioelectronics in Minsk, Belarus. My IRC and garage nicknames are 

[1] - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mnemosyne_(software)
[2] - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spaced_repetition

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