[maemo-community] [GSoC 09] - IM Client For Canola Using Python-purple

From: Thiago Bolaum bolaum at gmail.com
Date: Wed Apr 22 02:46:31 EEST 2009
My proposal for GSoC this year is to build a IM Client plugin for Canola.
It'll will use python-puple and continue the development of this libpurple's

The idea is to improve python-puple along the whole development, adding
features and correcting bugs as needed. Everything inside Canola is done
using Python, and I will use the existing plugins as reference. I also
intend to compile a comprehensive tutorial on how to build plugins,
explaining what I've learned about Canola's architecture and framework in a
wiki or blog.

I'll try to release a usable version as soon as possible, because one of the
most important parts of the project is respond to community feedbacks.
Features and bug fixing will be done with your help, guys! =) I'll count on
you to use it extensively and report problems and ideas to me.

I'm currently a M. Sc. student, working with processors interconnection, at
Unicamp (Universidade Estadual de Campinas) in SP/Brazil. My nick at
freenode and garage is bolaum.

Thiago 'bolaum' Borges Abdnur
"Trust no one..."
- Deep Throat (The X-Files)
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