[maemo-community] [GSOC-09]-Semantic-Based Context-aware Personalized News reader System for Maemo

From: Quim Gil quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Wed Apr 22 07:47:25 EEST 2009
Hi, welcome!

I think the GSOC discussions should be better placed in the
maemo-developers list. These developers have developer plans and will
have developer questions, and the best audience for that is in the
maemo-developers list.

Sorry for the crossposting and please remove the right list once we have
decided where to have the GSOC project discussions.

ext FENG GAO wrote:
> Hi, all:
>      I'm Feng Gao,  an undergraduate student in Beijing, China. This
> fall, I will go to UK to continue my study in univ. of Southampton as a
> phd candidate. The project I  proposed for GSOC is "Semantic-Based
> Context-aware Personalized News reader System for Maemo". The main goal
> of this project is to add some intelligent features into the reader
> system then it can recommend or filter news information according to
> user's interest which is represented as keywords (or named tags) and
> user’s environment which depicts physical condition and abstract
> condition about user, and can be used to answer questions like what is
> user doing now? What’s the status of user? Where is user? And whom is
> user with? Moreover, it even can intelligently store and download
> information according to the status/type of network connection and
> storage capacity of the Internet Tablet. It would be in linked
> context-aware and semantic technique to reach the goal.

Very interesting! Is your work tied to a specific news reader engine?

In any case, what engine do you plan to use as a reference?

> I will use C+gtk to implement the whole project( if possible, I can
> try python), and for GSOC, during the 3 month or according to my
> schedule the 5 month.

Related to the above: is the programming language used for your layer
dependent of the language used by the engine or is it independent?

Anybody starting an innovative mid term project should consider Qt as it
is well supported in other platforms and will be supported in Symbian as

Helping users getting cool unexpected news looks like a very good mobile
use case, where you might have time to read (e.g. commuting or in your
couch) but you are probably less inclined to spend much time searching
what to read. If you really achieve your goal in Maemo I don't see why
your project wouldn't be interesting in other mobile platforms (and not
mobile as well).

Quim Gil
open source advocate
Maemo Software @ Nokia

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