[maemo-community] [GSoC 09] - Mnemosyne for Maemo

From: Ed Bartosh bartosh at gmail.com
Date: Wed Apr 22 20:08:26 EEST 2009
Hi, Quim,

> On the other hand, Mnemosyne itself is written in Qt & PyQt bindings,
> that are also available for Maemo (and other mobile platforms as well).
> Since you have to start from scratch, wouldn't it make more sense to
> follow the Qt path of the original project and think of your work as
> "the mobile version of Mnemosyne"? You would have Maemo as the main
> reference platform but you would leave the door open for easier
> adaptation to e.g. S60 or Windows Mobile in the future.

Thank you for your comment.

The thing is that Max will not start from scratch. He will use working
GTK prototype as a start point.
However, it makes sense to at least look at Qt bindings for maemo and
try to compare amount of work needed for
both variants.
I'm just afraid that it can take a lot of time and reduce chances to
succeed in the project. We'll look at the schedule
and discuss if we can afford Qt investigation.


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