[maemo-community] Unrecognized Option in ARM Build on Fremantle

From: Kenneth Loafman kenneth at loafman.com
Date: Tue Apr 28 00:26:41 EEST 2009
Ed Bartosh wrote:
> Hi Ken,
> Sorry for the delay. I wasn't able to read my mail last days.
> 2009/4/23 Kenneth Loafman <kenneth at loafman.com>:
>> I'm getting an unrecognized option in the ARM build for Fremantle and the
>> build fails, of course.  I don't specify this anywhere, so where is it
>> coming from and how do I nuke it?
> The reason of this error is that scratchbox is using it's own python
> by default. As far as I remember it's python 2.3. The problem is that
> scratchbox python has bugs when building extensions as you can see.
> And it's not only one problem with it, believe me :)
> The solution is to use python2.5 from extras repository. To do that
> you should replace python to python2.5 in debian/rules of your
> package:

Thanks!  I appreciate the help.

I did figure this out, plus how to get it to install in site-packages
rather than getting it hidden somewhere that's not on the Python path.
That's the one I fought the longest since I really wanted to minimize
the changes rather than forking the source.

Been finding other differences along the way too, bash in Scratchbox vs
BusyBox on the device, that kind of thing.  Still able to find portable
solutions, so all is starting to take shape, finally.


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