[maemo-community] Getting the ball rolling for council elections, and proposal to lengthen terms

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Mon Aug 3 12:31:38 EEST 2009

Andrew Flegg wrote:
> Well, the problem needs solving even if it requires the coordination
> of more people. Is it possible to have a (semi-private) page which
> lists all the talk.maemo.org and internettablettalk.com addresses
> under registered accounts?

So here's the suggestion I made to you in a separate mail, repeated on
the m-c list.

We should notify everyone on tmo now that an election is coming up in
September, and tell them that they need to create a maemo account before
August 15th to be able to vote (as a special condition/privilege for
this election).

Then when it comes time to send out ballots, we will send ballots to
everyone whose karma is over 10 and their accounts were created before
June 15th.

If their karma is over 10, but the account was created before August
15th, we'll look through them case by case, and send a ballot to
everyone who got their karma from tmo (although why we'd special-case
them I don't know).

My suggestion for the future is to notify tmo 3 months before the
election that the next election is coming up, and that they should
create a maemo.org account to be able to vote.

Let's avoid complicated technical work-arounds if we can. And let's
remember that 8 months ago we had a referendum, and 6 months ago we had
an election, when we again talked about election eligibility and tmo. At
some stage, you just have to let people know what the rules are, and let
them decide for themselves whether they would like to vote in the
election or not.

> If so, it's pretty trivial to run over
> http://talk.maemo.org/member.php?u=$I where $I is not in the set of
> accounts already bound and identify anyone where:

we have different definitions of trivial. "where $I is not in the set of
accounts already bound"? How do you calculate that?


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