[maemo-community] Test Management tool for maemo.org

From: Jarmo.Tikka at nokia.com Jarmo.Tikka at nokia.com
Date: Mon Feb 2 11:59:41 EET 2009
Hi again,

I had a short email discussion with our community admins and they proposed that I setup my own TestLink instalaltion for now. Our admins are too busy with other tasks right now to setup this. And there has not been much intrest from maemo community to have generic test management service available.

Let's get back to this issues if also other Garage projects find this kind of service usable for their own work.

Thanks about discussion and feedback...


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>From: Tikka Jarmo (Nokia-D/Helsinki)
>Sent: 02 February, 2009 11:12
>To: 'maemo-community at maemo.org'
>Subject: RE: Test Management tool for maemo.org
>Any progress or decision on setting up test management tool
>for maemo.org?
>As said couple of weeks ago for my project I need to have one
>available during this week. It woul dbe excellent if we can
>use TestLink (or some other product it it is better that
>TestLink) from maemo.org and we do not have to setup our own
>service for this.
>Problem is that we cannot wait much longer for maemo community
>to decide this. We need to have test management service
>available during this week as I informed about month ago.
>If we cannot agree and setup this service to maemo.org with
>this quick schedule we need to take risk and seup our own
>TestLink service and hope we are able to midgrade to maemo.org
>one (it there will be one and if it will be TestLink).
>It would be great if I could tell some opinion from maemo
>community about this issue for my Garage projects tomorrow...
>We really cannot wait any longer than this week.

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