[maemo-community] Election process referendum

From: Graham Cobb g+770 at cobb.uk.net
Date: Mon Feb 2 16:12:23 EET 2009
On Monday 02 February 2009 12:02:01 Andrew Flegg wrote:
> I certainly *wouldn't* be happy if - at the last minute - the karma
> requirement was dropped again. 

Eh????  I am not happy that the karma requirement, which was dropped after 
protest the last time around, is being raised again at the last minute!

I obviously had exactly the opposite assumption from you: I had assumed that 
in the absence of a proposal to the contrary, the same rules as last time 
would be in place.

> There's been plenty of time for people 
> to garner 25 karma points; 

Yes.  That is a good point.  So, I would like to hear from anyone who might 
still be affected by this new proposal to re-instate the 25-points rule to 
understand if it is likely to disqualify people who should reasonably be 
considered part of the community.

To achieve that, I think it is essential that if the council is proposing to 
re-instate the 25-points rule that this is announced in a topic on ITT and 
people are given a chance to express their view.

> The proximity of 
> time someone raises an issue to a deadline is, admittedly,
> understandable; but it dramatically reduces their ability to convince
> me.

I agree.  But I am willing to consider a suggestion to re-instate the 25-point 
rule even at this late stage.

> I also strongly disagree with those who say that karma shouldn't be
> used for this...

Karma has moved from just measuring developer contribution to a wider measure 
of contribution to the Maemo community.  That certainly makes it more 
suitable to use as a basis than it was, but it still effectively excludes 
users of the Maemo community (consumers rather than contributors).  Maybe 
that is the way it should be: maybe the council **should** represent 
contributors rather than users, but we should at least get the opinion of the 
users on whether they care.


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