[maemo-community] Election process referendum

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Mon Feb 2 17:23:23 EET 2009

Benson Mitchell wrote:
>>  1) No change; the current process ("first-five-past-the-post") is fine.
>>  2) A single-transferrable vote system. (Wording TBD)
>>  3) A reweighted range voting system. (Wording TBD)
>>  4) Giving the outgoing council the decision before each election. (Wording
>>     TBD).
>>  5) None of the above.
> I like those choices, but this brings us back to something someone pointed
> out earlier, the difficulty of getting a clear winner in that sort of
> referendum. We don't actually have specific scoring provisions for
> referenda, so we could just go with plurality (rather than majority) here,
> but that actually opens up some questions. Suppose that it splits 30, 25,
> 10, 20, and 5; we'd keep the current system, even though most of the RRV
> voters would probably prefer STV or council's choice, and either of those
> could have won head-to-head. Now I'm _not_ suggesting we have a referendum
> on the voting method to be used in referenda on voting methods, but the
> characteristics of the voting method to be used must be considered.

How about people who favour the status quo mark an X, people who want
preferential voting vote 1 for council decides, 2 for STV, and 3 for
RRV,  and people who want RRV vote 100 for RRV, 75 for council decides,
30 for STV and 0 for straight vote?


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