[maemo-community] Mailing list subscription karma (was Re: Election process referendum)

From: Benson Mitchell benson.mitchell at gmail.com
Date: Wed Feb 4 02:24:58 EET 2009
> Ok,
>     I've been following this thread for a while --
However, as an unreleased Maemo developer; I would be totally excluded from
> voting because:
> 1. I'm primarily a lurker on iTT (have only a couple dozen posts, apparently
> equals 0 Karma).
The formula is floor(sqrt(post_count)), so you should have 4 or 5 karma there. You do need to tell your maemo.org account about your itT account, though; I'd guess you haven't done this yet. itT thanks also count, so it's quite likely you'll be at or over 10 once you get your itT account linked. If the limit stays at 25, you'll have a little more work to do, but it shouldn't be that much.

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