[maemo-community] Voting stats from the last election

From: Dave Neary dneary at maemo.org
Date: Wed Feb 4 17:39:51 EET 2009
Hi all,

I broke down karma of people who voted & didn't vote in the last
election and got the following results (note: people who have a karma of
less than 3 are active community members, who got negative karma for
blogs. That can't happen any more. Without this, they would have had
over 5 karma. So that group is to be taken with a pinch of salt. And I
want to repeat that we have made a lot of changes to karma, and
cross-correlating people who voted last time and calculating their karma
now is a bit complicated, but I'm working on it):

Karma	Abstained	Voted	Total	Abstention rate
<3	27		4	31	87.0967741935484
3	7857		495	8352	94.073275862069
4-9	2608		182	2790	93.4767025089606
10-24	528		79	607	86.9851729818781
25-99	217		81	298	72.8187919463087
>=100	63		71	134	47.0149253731343

Totals:	11300		912	12212	92.5319358008516


Of 912 votes, 495 had only 3 karma. 677 had less than 10. 231 had 10 or
more karma, or less than 3.

The average abstention rate was 92.5%. People who had karma between 3
and 9 were (as is to be expected) worse than the average, people with 10
or more were considerably better. And again as is to be expected, people
with less than 3 karma were also better than the average (but there
aren't very many of them, so it's hard to generalise).

There is a very strong relationship between karma and likelihood of voting.

Anyway, here's the figures I can extract at the moment. Short version:
if we set the karma requirement to 10 in the last election, 677 fewer
people would have voted, and 10,400 people probably wouldn't have noticed.


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