[maemo-community] Community firmware images - Diablo 3rd party components

From: Carsten V. Munk cvm at cs.au.dk
Date: Fri Feb 6 14:36:22 EET 2009
Based on the previous discussion on community firmware images 
distributed from maemo.org 
hereby is the wish list of
3rd party closed-source binaries (from Diablo), that it would be 
valuable to investigate the possibility of being able to include in such 
community firmware images or accessible through MAC-locked repositories 
or websites.

The list can be found at 
http://wiki.maemo.org/Mer/Documentation/3rd_party_wishlist with 
associated priorities and intent of use, reasoning, etc.

Red is meant as "Important for the technical success of the community 
firmware images", yellow as "Important for the end-user out-of-the-box 
experience for the community firmware images".

Grey and green is meant as "Valuable for the end-user experience and 
success of community firmware images" - end users have shown interest in 
this still being possible to use on their tablets. An investigation into 
the possibility of distributing this to Nokia Internet Tablet users 
either as part of firmware image, or as a downloadable through 
MAC-locked Nokia repositories or website, would be valuable, but -not 
technically important- for the success of community firmware.

The priority (from project point of view and my own personal developer 
view) to be investigated is the hardware interfacing, but future 
end-users (based on discussions related to the topic) might have 
interest in the other items being accessible from NITs running community 
firmwares and this may warrant investigation by the legal team if this 
is possible, to get the matter settled early in the process.

Again, thanks to Nokia for offering assistance in how to make community 
firmware images possible. and I am looking forward to hearing what will 
be possible (or not) to distribute, or access through tablets running 
community firmware images.

/Carsten V. Munk,
Mer developer.

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