[maemo-community] Organizing Maemo Summit 2009

From: Tim tim at samoff.com
Date: Mon Feb 9 22:33:30 EET 2009

> berlin was strangely lacking in the latter. 

I've heard rumours that Community Council Member lardman will take care of
this for 2009. 


On Mon, 9 Feb 2009 20:24:26 +0000, gary liquid  wrote: key dependencies to
any summit:

plenty of beer, wifi, power-outlets and bacon.

berlin was strangely lacking in the latter.

would like to have a smaller less formal meetup within the country fairly
soon to discuss development.


 On Mon, Feb 9, 2009 at 8:08 PM, Aniello Del Sorbo  wrote:
 2009/2/9 Andrea Grandi :
 > Hi all,
 > talking with Tim Samoff in these days, we did think it could be the
 > time to start organizing next Maemo Summit.
 > The first one was a very amazing experience (at least for me, but I
 > think for a lot of people too!) and we should try to repeat this great
 > thing.
 > I wrote down some points we could follow as guidelines to organize the
 > 1. Country and city
 > Where is the Maemo community located? I mean: where do the most of
people come from? Are there more american or european? I think this is
 > an important factor to evaluate when they have to choose where to
 > organize the summit.
 > If there are 80% european and 20% american, it's normal to organize it
 > here in Europe, so the most of people can come buy them self and the
 > other can be sponsored by Nokia. Of course we should choose a city
 > easily reachable with flights (like a capital or a big city:
 > barcelona, madrid, berlin, london, ecc....).
 > We could prepare a simple poll or a form to get some tips and
 > suggestion from the people that wish to attend.

 The where depends on a number of factors.
 I wouldn't go for which country has got more attendees.
 This would work once, but then ?

 We should probably just "rotate".
 Let's come up with a list of possible candidates and then we choose
 how to rotate ?

 > 2. The place
 > I think it's important to find a place like C-base for the next Maemo
 > summit. We are an open
community and a place like that is very
 > comfortable and interesting for us geeks, developers and Maemo fans.
 > We could take contacts with local Linux user groups or other similar
 > groups, so we could know how much they're interested in offering their
 > place for the summit.
 > I'll try as much as possible to avoid places like hotels, luxurious
 > conference rooms ecc... first because they're very expensive, second
 > because they're not the kind of place that remind to community and
 > openness. What do you think about?

 This of course depends from the place we choose as venue.

 > 3. Contents
 > What should a summit offer to community? We should encourage knowledge
 > exchange in every kind of way: organizing small conferences and a lot
 > of light talks (they were one of the most interesting things in the
 > summit), create little groups of discussion (for example, 10-15 people
 > choose a subject and meet in a room to discuss it directly) ecc... and
 > the
most important thing: we should ask the community what they expect
 > to find in a summit.

 We should first find out a venue, then who is going to contribute and
with what.
 Then organize the talks/discussions/etc..

 > 4. Sponsor
 > The fact that Nokia sponsor some of us is a very great thing. I'd
 > never had the possibility to join the Berlin summit, since I'm a
 > student and I cannot spend so much.
 > The important is to avoid wasting money. Nokia should
 > encourage sharing a room with another person of the community, so more
 > people can be sponsored. What do you think about?

 Is Nokia going to sponsor again ?

 > 5. When?
 > When should we organize the summit? Before a big release (like
 > Freemantle), just after the final release or after some months of
 > development with it? I don't remember exactly when the final release of
 > Freemantle is scheduled for, but I think that next September would be
 > a nice period... what do you think about?

Fremantle is a big release, I suspect the Maemo team will be very
 busy with this release.
 This depends, thus, on them.
 I would go for right after the Fremantle release.
 Or, if Nokia would like to use the Maemo Summit as the place for the
 announcement, that would be a great time.

 > When we have some confirmed points we should start creating a page on
 > the wiki: http://wiki.maemo.org/Maemo_Summit_2009 [3]
 > so all people can read and give suggestions.

 Probably we should already do that ?

 Also, what would be the role of the Council in this ?

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